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1 Build an online shop using nimbleShop

Please follow this documentation if you are using nimbleShop. If you are developing nimbleshop , the framework itself, then follow setting up development environment.

1.1 nimbleShop only supports ruby 1.9.2+

In order to get started with nimbleShop you need to have

  • ruby 1.9.2+
  • rails 3.2.9

1.2 Building myshop using nimbleShop

rails new myshop

Open Gemfile and add following two lines

gem 'nimbleshop', '~> 0.0.20'
gem 'nimbleshop_simply', '~> 0.0.20'

nimbleshop_simply is the theme that we are using here.

Next execute following commands:

bundle install

bundle exec rails generate nimbleshop:install

bundle exec rake nimbleshop:setup:db

bundle exec rails server

Now visit http://localhost:3000 and you should see your shop.

Access admin page by visiting http://localhost:3000/admin.